A downloadable game for Windows

There is a lot of cats in your room.

They are so adorable but so clumsy! Don’t let your room get too messy or Mum will be angry!


Created by

Game designer: Ekaterina Zherebtsova

Programming: Horodep

Art: Konkykong

Animation: Frozenspots

Music and sound design: Draggs Connor

Inspiration: our cats


Hope you'll enjoy our game!

Made for Ludum Dare 40

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Clumsy Paws.zip 19 MB


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I had a lot of fun with this game! It quickly got frusterating, because there were so many cats! Which is the point so excellent work on that. I did make a small gameplay video on it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! In the meantime, thank you for creating just and entertainingly frusterating game! 

This is a fun object juggling/manage game. The only thing that took me a moment to figure out what the broom. I expected it to be an object on the floor and, not up top. I personally thought the broom icon wasn't illustrated that well probably older age getting to me XD Overall fun though!


This game is really hard XD thnx!

Ha, I like these kittens.


Oh boy these cats are assholes! Fun little game, just wish the clicking was a little more accurate :) 

this was quite an interesting game, it got really when all the cats were brought in. The only feedback i can give is improve the clicking mechanism, i dont know why but you have literally click like 5 or 6 times before a falling item is put back on the platform 

this is like the hardest game i've ever played. I hate you people. :)

Adorable and obnoxious lol! LOVE THE GAME


Very addictive game and so much fun! Nice Job!

Крутая игруха! Мне понравилось! 

I can't seem to find your game on ludum dare.

Here you go!